Video voter’s guide

Milt spells out the goal and focus of his campaign in this 3-minute video voter’s guide segment produced by Pierce County Television (PCTV):

Milt Tremblay's focus: Safer, stronger communities

Video transcript

Hello, my name is Milt Tremblay and, together, we can make Pierce County a better place to Live, Learn, Work, Play and Dream.

What does it take to make safer, stronger, communities? Well, most would say, that’s easy, just hire more police and reduce crime. Don’t we all wish it was that simple? Creating Safer, stronger communities is so much more than that.

I remember when I was a child. Like most folks my age, I would leave my home in the morning, and, believe it or not, would go to a friends’ house or even the beach, without a cell phone or any other contact with my family, and would return home, “Before the streetlights came on.” I was never afraid nor concerned. I knew that if my bike broke down or I needed help, a neighbor or another community member would help me fix it and get back home. At a recent Youth Forum held at UW Tacoma, a sophomore from Lincoln High School stated that she was afraid to go outside of her house alone and even when she was home with her siblings, they didn’t talk. They were too busy playing games on their technology. They had lost the ability to communicate.

How did we get from point A to point B and how do we rebuild what we once had?

Like I said, it’s a whole laundry list of things. Many of them seemingly unrelated things that chip away at our sense of security and faith in our fellow man.

“Back in the Day” we used to welcome each new neighbor and get to know them, and help them learn about our schools, stores, and activities. Heck, we even had organized “Welcome Wagons” that brought over a Bundt cake. How many of you can truly say you know even one of your neighbors?

We need walk next door, or at least peer over the fence and re-introduce ourselves so that our children know that, even when your away, your house and kids are safe.

The first step in creating change is to take stock of the current situation. Let’s not panic but let’s take a step back and “check the gauges”. In a way, we helped put fear in our kids with statements like, “Don’t talk to strangers?” or “Look for the house with a red helping hand if you need help.” In effect we were telling them that our society has failed and you can’t trust anyone over 30. By telling them that only certain homes were safe, we implied that none of the others were. Fear breeds contempt and isolation.

We have failed an entire generation by not raising them as a village. If we don’t pay attention to our kids and our communities, nothing will change and we’ll have another generation of children with unfulfilled dreams looking for the easy way out. I believe that we can do better. We can build a community that mentors, supports and embraces our kids. That accepts them for who they are, that challenges them to go out in the world with confidence, and the ability to communicate and resolve problems without the use of force or violence. Homelessness, mental health issues, and a general lack of respect for others are all by-products of our current everyman for himself society. We can do better! We must do better! Help me bring real, practical change to our County. Your vote for Milt Tremblay, a man of Passion, Integrity, Creativity and Experience will help us build Safer, Stronger Communities! I thank you, in advance, for your support.