Endorse Milt Tremblay!
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Milt Tremblay is endorsed by a broad coalition of citizens, community members, educators, and elected officials who believe he is the best choice for Pierce County Council District 1.

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Milt Tremblay and colleagues at UW Tacoma


Community members

  • Dwight Partin
  • Bill Moore, Former Employer (GA)
  • Ray Hillstrom, Former Employer (Hillstrom Cabinets)
  • Ed Davis, Hillside Development Council
  • Rebecca Giles, Sumner Recreation
  • Russ DeFord
  • Jerry Kuranko
  • Todd McKellips
  • Sean Murphy
  • Rick Pabst
  • Paul Weed


  • Jay Hambly, Former Superintendent- WRSD
  • Janelle Keating, Superintendent- WRSD
  • Michael Allen, UWT Professor
  • JW Harrington, UWT Professor
  • Matt Kelley, UWT Professor
  • Tom Kuljam, UWT Veterans’ Incubator Director
  • Myrna Nordhaugen

Elected officials

  • Justin Evans, Council- Bonney Lake
  • Terry Harder, Council- Bonney Lake
  • Beau Burkette, Council- Buckley
  • Sandra Burkette, Council- Buckley
  • Jan Twardowski, Council- South Prairie
  • Pat Reed, Council- Sumner
  • John Leggette, Councilman- Buckley
  • Ron Smith, Councilman-Buckley
  • Joe Mills, Council-South Prairie
  • Lynn Rose, Former Councilman-Buckley
  • Laurence LeVesque, Former Council-South Prairie
  • Bill Allison, Former Mayor- Maple Valley
  • Tony Caldwell, Former Mayor- South Prairie
  • Layne Ross, Former Mayor- South Prairie
  • Peggy LeVesque, Former Mayor-South Prairie
  • Pat Johnson, Mayor- Buckley
  • Wally Snover, Mayor- Carbonado
  • Stu Terry, Mayor- South Prairie
  • Bill Pugh, Mayor, Sumner
  • Javier Figueroa, Mayor, University Place
  • Andrea Smith, Tacoma Metropolitan Park Comm.


I had the chance to work with Milt Tremblay on my staff at UWT and whole-heartidly endorse him for Council Pos. #1, Pierce County Council. Milt has years of experience and success in the public realm, and has been involved in local and area policy for many years. From his role on the Buckley City Council, work creating a cutting-edge development sub-area plan that is helping Tacoma revitalize the Brewery District, to his work as chair on the Pierce Country Regional Council, as well as the Puget Sound Regional Council. Milt truly cares about seeing our communities make smart growth decisions and build pathways for our children to create their own futures. He IS the right choice for Pierce County Council and he will represent our needs with the highest level of integrity and passion. That same passion I saw at UWT and one I know he gave to his country as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force.

Patrick Clark

Member, South Hill Advisory Council
I was lucky to meet so many wonderful people through the Association of Washington Cities, one of my favorites was Milt Tremblay. He is going to make an excellent County Council member with his level head, strong advocacy for our region and ability to form connections. I wish I could vote for him, but if you live in the Buckley/Bonney Lake area you can.

Heather Shadko

Former Puyallup City Councilmember